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Cresting Wave

"Built from plans that predate the Fall, the Cresting Wave is a major component in southern logistics and passenger transport on the Birrin world. As a flying boat, it is an ideal vehicle to service the lakebound cities of the floating forest and the numerous towns and settlements that dot the coasts of Tuetalli.

Flying wings, in vogue at the time of the Cresting Wave’s initial design, offer advantages in lift to weight ratio. With two fuselages blended into the wing as sturdy hulls, much of the centre wing section can be loaded with freight. The flight crew is situated in the starboard fuselage and both of these reinforced structures can either house passengers or even more cargo.

To avoid water ingestion the engines are mounted in a tall dorsal nacelle, turbojets stacked vertically and sharing common paired intake slots that can be shuttered during surface operations; retractable propellers in both fuselages then provide slow but quiet and efficient propulsion."

A seaplane from the Birrin project.

A seaplane from the Birrin project.